Biohazard Interview
This interview was made in Dour (Belgium) the 11th of July as the band participated at the Dour Festival. Marion and Phil have met the singer and guitar player Billy Graziadei.
Can you tell us a little bit about this new european tour ?

It's great, we just got here. We flew in this morning. I brought my falily with me, it's the first time I ever did that. So it's actually the best tour ever for that reason. And it's summer, it's very rare that we come here and there is some great weather.

You're in a fest with a lot of bands. What do you think of actual hard-core bands?

There are a lot of great bands today. I saw Raging Speed Horn, me and my drummer Danny just produced there album, they are really good friends of ours. Backfire good friends of ours and many more, there are a lot of great bands.

About "Kill or be killed" what represents for you the cover art ?
(4 dogs arround your logo)

A dog has a natural instinct to kill or be killed. And if you push a dog far enough, any animal, the dog will attack for his life. And humans are the same. But human have thoughts and they have a process of choosing between right and wrong. It's a lot different between mamels and other animals. But I thonk, as life goes further, and because of what happens right now, that difference beytween men and animals is very blury.

This album is more brutal than the last one. What is your feeling about it ?

I think that the world is a more brutal place for us. So we come of as being full of energy that we never had before. And that's probably because that the world is in a place that it's never been before. The environement, our world, our city, our lives have always influenced our music. We've always said that life is our inspiration, and the more things are fucked up in the world, the louder we scream and the more we are inspired.

A lot of people followed Bush during the war against Saddam and there has been a lot of lies about him having weapons of mass destruction. Do you think that people's mind has changed now ?

I think that everybody wants to see where those weapons are. Of course. And there hasn't been any. I think that's kind of funny, you know politics, poiliticians it's all bullshit. Musicians are realist. Art is realist. Art would make a much more better politicians you know what I mean ? Everybody wanted to believe that there were weapons of mass destruction, that's one of the reason there was a war. But those weapons wasn't a direct threat. It wasn't like unless we attack Saddam Hussein in August he will nuc us. That wasn't an issue. It wasn't like if we don't put him out of power right now he will be more powerfull and we won't be able to control him latter. The more important thing is that he was ruining his people as a dictator. There was so much opression. That is more of a reson, and there is no argument against that. The people were opressed. And I don't think anybody on this planet deserves not to be free. Nobody diserves to live under the ruling of someone else, whether you are iraken, american, french, german, russian… We are the same, we just all have different interests, languages, likes and dislikes. But it doesn't make us different, better or worst. It just makes us different. And when people respects those differentes, it makes for a better world.

On our web site, we put some tattoos of musicians, is it possible to talk about yours, and to take some pictures of them ?

No disrispect but my tattoo is more of a privacy. A lot of people want to take pictures especially tattoo magazines, but I always felt stupid. I never liked it because I felt I was a circus. And so it's more personnel. I show my tattoo but if it was for showing to everybody, I will have all my body tattooed, so I'm sorry it's no disrespect, but I won't. But if you'll ask Evan, he loves to show his tattoos.

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