Backfire Interview
This interview was made in Dour (Belgium) the 11 th of July as the band participated at the Dour Festival. Marion and Phil have met the Drummer for some little questions.
Your band's actuality is very followed by Medias.
Do you have a lot of feed back from Medias like webzines, magazines, etc?

Oh yeah! There is a magazine in Holland who chronicles our fist album and rates it at the maximum, and our second album too. Medias are giving to us
a lot of attention; we already did a lot of interviews. I am satisfied of this attention, we are all very pleased!

Is it hard for you, as a hardcore band, to have success and make it through?

There are only two hardcore bands in the world that can live of their music:
Sick Of It All and Biohazard. We all have jobs, everyday. Backfire is done
on our free time. You can't make a living of hardcore, it is impossible. People who make hardcore music love to make this music because there is no money. The bands who persist in doing hardcore truly love hardcore music.

You played in France?
Yeah, France is a very good place to play: always great crowd, people are
going crazy, the crews are well…

What are your plans for the newt months?

We have many shows left in Europe; we'll do the Resistance Tour and concerts in Germany.

Interview Marion & Phil
Translation Tataye

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