Born From Pain Interview

This interview/Blindtest was made in Clisson (France) the 25th of june 2006.
Manu and O.S. have met the singer, Ché.

Band : Down
Song : Lifer
Album : Nola

This is Down right ? Hooo Yeahhhh !!! (Laugh)
Best band in the world, probably, right now… for me. Yeah, right now, I think so. It’s got like the old style line-up, like dudes from my other favourite bands : Corrosion of Conformity, Eyehategod, Crowbar, Phil from Pantera. It’s gotta be good right? And I just missed their show, they played like a couple of shows around the area and people told me that the shows were sold out and then all of a sudden I’ve found out that the shows weren’t sold out, but I’ve found that out after the shows were placed, so I was really pissed off I couldn’t see Down! Really pissed off! Thank you for letting me hear that now. I’m really pissed of again (Laugh).
It’s an awesome band! Down’s been my favourite band ever since the first CD came out, “Nola”. That one was awesome! The second one isn’t as good as the first one, but it’s still awesome. It’s got everything you know, it’s got good metal, it’s got a good groove, it’s got a good sludgy feeling to it, a good stoner feeling to it as well. It's great!

Band : Faith No More
Song : Digging The Grave
Album : King For A Day... Fool For A Lifetime

It's Faith No More... Faith No More is my old time favourite band. Like, Faith No More and Black Sabath – both of them were my favourites. Black Sabath was one of those bands my dad grew up on, and every sunday we had these listening sessions to music, and Black Sabath was one of those bands, and so Black Sabath got me into harder music. And then all of a sudden I heard this song “Epic” from Faith No More and that was my first introduction to them and I bought the CD, like “The Real Thing”. And after that “Angel Dust” came out and I was the biggest fan ever. I have all their CD singles they put out, I have all of them, like all different versions and on vynil as well (Laugh). And still I think Mike Patton is an amazing vocalist, but the stuff he’s doing right now with Fantomas and The Melvin’s is not my thing, it’s too much for me. He should have stopped with Faith No More than just work that stuff out.

Have you heard Peeping Tom, his new project ?

No, no… is it good?

I don’t know… (Laugh)

(Laugh) Oh, you don’t know?

I’m not very interested in what he’s doing right now also.

Yeah, same here. So like, you know, Mister Bungle as well. Never got into Mister Bungle, it’s too much. Like that kind of… “oh, wait a minute!”, you gotta think with this music and if I listen to music, I don’t wanna think, I just wanna have like easy listening. It has to be easy for me, easy on the hear.

Band : Icepick
Song : Devotion Measures Strength
Album : Violent Epiphany

Well, this is Icepick... I knew this was Jamey, but I didn’t know with which band, so I was like: “Maybe it’s a new song Hatebreed did…”. I had to wait to for like Lord Ezec to join in and then... Actually the only song I know is the one with Ice-T, Roger Miret and Freddy, It's fucking awesome! I was like " YEAH ! ICE-T !!!". (Laugh) Ice-T is rocking this shit, it was great! But I don't know too much about icepick, I mean, this is the second song I heard from them.

Band : Danny Diablo
Song : Get Down
Album : Hardcore 4 Life

That's easy, Danny Diablo! This is Lord Ezec’s hip hop project right ?

Yeah under his name Danny Diablo. Do you know this song ?

I don't know anything about it. I’ve never listen to it before.

Because I remember you told us you like some easy-listening hip-hop stuff like The Game...

Oh Yeah! I like The Game!
(Continues listening) Yeah, that sounds pretty good, but it's not like (snap with his fingers) you know what I mean ? Maybe I got to listen to it more, It doesn't have the (snap with his fingers). If you listen to The Game for insteance, that dudes can spit their rhymes really well, like you listen to a pissed-off dude. I've got to listen to it more than what I’m doing now, I'm gonna check it out...

Groupe : Merauder
Chanson : Downfall Of Christ
Album : Masterkiller

(Laughs) That's easy, that's Merauder, it's a good track! I love the first Merauder, “Master Killer”. It's probably... not the blueprints, but it's like one of the main influence for Born From Pain, like Merauder, Bolt Thrower as well, Stigmata. Premier metalcore bands from the mid-90's are like really important to us. Especially now when you compare us to metalcore bands like Caliban or Maroon for insteance, which are good bands but in my eyes they are metal. A band like Merauder still sounds hardcore as fuck ! If you listen to the songs you can bounce to it, but with this new metalcore thing is like mainly a headbang thing and then it stops, then you go to a moshpart... it is everytime the same thing, you know. That's why I like Merauder, cos’ everything sounds pretty logical with what they do, and this new metalcore thing doesn't sound logical to me.

You have certainly played with Merauder before ?

Yeah !

And maybe you have something to say about Sob, like some funny stuff which happened on tour or something...

I remember a show where I sold merchandise for them at the Dynamo Festival and Sob threw a shirt of his into the crowd. People start fighting over the shirt, then Sob came into the crowd and told them “It's not like a rock star kind of thing, don't have to beat each other up for a T-shirt”. He grabed the shirt away and no one got the shirt away at the end, that was kind of funny! I think he was a good dude, I don't know him too well but it pretty much sucks that an influencial guy from an influential band like Merauder dies like that. The same for Dimebag Darrel, got shot on stage, it's unbelievable, one of those thing where you think you are secure in music but in the end you're not... drunks, drugs do a lot of shit to people and people do a lot of shit to people as well... which is not good...

Band : Pantera
Song : Electric Funeral (Black Sabbath Cover)
Album : Nativity In Black Vol.2

Hooo ! Black Sabbath ! Ho ! Look ! Goosebumps ! Everytime I listen to this shit I get goosebump all over. Especially like I know Ronny James Dio is a much better singer than Ozzy Osbourne but the first eight albums with Ozzy are just perfect : the atmosphere, the voice, everything fits, I listen to this song like a thousand times, a million times already and it still get me going. Immediatly hear it’s like "Yeah! It's Black Sabbath!".

Is there a record you prefer than the others ?

“Sabbath Bloody Sabbath”, but right now I’m listening a lot to “Sabotage”, the sixth album that came out after “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath”, which is a bit more experimental, but it's like awesome with different instuments, yeah it's really good! So right now I prefer that album.

Well about the song, this version is not performed by Black Sabbath. It’s a cover-song, did you recognize the band who covered it ?

Who’s doin’ it ?

It’s Pantera...

Oh really ? Shit!
It’s not Phil’s usual voice. I’ve never heard this version before. I heard the one they did for “Hole In The Sky”, I also heard the one for “Planet Caravan”...

This one’s a tribute to Black Sabbath called “Nativity In Black”, there’s also Machine Head, Soufly...

Yeah that’s the second one, I only have the first one ! The music sounds like obviously you can't get along with it so I have to listen to the vocals... it's not the original... well, Cool.

Band : Raised Fist
Song : Perfectly Broken
Album : Sound Of The Republic

Give me some time... I know ... I know this one... I definitely know this...

It's a swedish band...

59 Times The Pain ? Raised Fist ?


I have their first EP, then I lost interest. I always prefered other bands from Scandinavia, but this song sounds familiar but it sounds like something else than Raised Fist, like...

It’s a new style for Raised Fist on this new record. Sometimes it make me think about In Flames, with some atmospheres...

I'm not familiar with In Flames neither so... Like I said I only know the shit I listen to and that's it. I like bands from Sweden, I really like Breach. Not the latest things but the first thing called “Outlines”, the mini-CD, and then the other one is called “Friction”, the one which came after that and those two albums are great! I always prefered them above Raised Fist. And even 59 Times The Pain! Never really got into Raised Fist.


Band : Slayer
Song : Cult
Album : Christ Illusion

It has to be something obvious, that’s really good though, shit !
Slayer ! I had to wait for the vocals, because I thought it was Slayer, because it had the same feeling, but I had to wait for the vocals, yeah it sounds dope, it sounds great, really good!
First time I hear it, it sounds hard! Jesus ! Old douchebags from fucking Slayer and they are late 40 and they are still rock the house! Sounds really good, sound really promising again! (Laugh) What I really like with Slayer it’s that they never do the same album twice. Like I Said you can hear with the guitars that it's Slayer but you have to wait for the vocals to come in to know that “It Is Slayer!”. It sounds different than what they did before...

Band : Terror
Song : Always The Hard Way
Album : Always The Hard Way

It's Terror! I actually heard the full album, we played with them in Brazil, and Scott let me listen to the new record,. It sounds great, sounds hard, really better than “One With The Underdogs”.

The sound was not very good on the previous one I think...

Yeah exactly, and this one will be a lot better, hopefully... It’s gonna be a good year for Terror!

Groupe : Tori Amos
Chanson : Blood Roses (Unplugged)
Album : MTV Unplugged

Ho shit ! Tori Amos ? Jesus ! You gotta love Tori Amos ! Hooo Jesus ! Great, you guys have pick the right song for me!

That's a song you like ?

Yeah! Jesus! That's voice of her, it goes to the all body, you feel her pain, you feel her happiness all the time, Super ! My girlfriend listen a lot to Tori Amos, that's the perfect music to... well...

... spend a good time! (Laughs)

(Laughs) Jesus ! Most romantic music ever! That and Type O negative, and the new James Blunt record. I really like James Blunt right now, it's really good actually. At first I was " Haa, he uses his high voice too much!" but it's good, he uses it the right way... You know what I like as well ? Michael Bublé! ( Ché starts singing : " I'm feeling good, dum dum, dum dum..."), got a good soul and deep voice.

Groupe : Madonna
Chanson : Hung Up
Album : Confessions On A Dance Floor

Madonna! I love Madonna! It’s one of the people you can compare a bit to Slayer, because she always reinventes herself. Each album sounds different you know, and for me I start liking Madonna with “Ray Of Light” because that sounded so different, so melo and adult that all the stuff she did before. I don't think that the last record is as good as “Music” or as “American Life”, or as “Ray Of Light”. It's still good but it's too Disco for me, I don't have much with ABBA or like that kind of stuff.
How do you guys know that stuff, That I listen to that shit ? That's crazy ! (Laugh)

Band : Anthrax feat Public Enemy
Song : Bring The Noise
Album : Bring The Noise EP

That's Anthrax with Public Ennemy, right ?
(Ché starts singing) "How low can you go ? Death row what a brother knows ! Once again, back is incredible The rhyme animal, The incredible D, Public Enemy, number one!".
You gotta love Anthrax, man, they did the double shit ever ! Although I think John Bush, the singer that laid later on, is a much better singer than Joey Belladonna but the old songs... I mean, I just baught the DVD and the CD accompagnying with it, and it's just amazing! See how old those dudes are, they still have the energy, it's crazy! It 's the favorite band of our drummer, favorite band ever! Everytime we put “Among The Living” on, he goes ! (Singing again!) (Laughs)... Yeah, it's one of those band that can get you go on at any time...

I recognize almost everyone of them, right ? Ho Jesus! That Tori Amos song give me the goosebumps! Yes it's an awesome song man, just get me everywhere you know, great!

Interview Manu & O.S.
Translation Kespi / Manu

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