Atreyu Interview
This interview has been done in Paris the 19th of April 2005.
Laureline and Benny met Brandon Saller the drummer.

How the tour is going on?
It's going on really good so far, we've done five shows in UK and this is the sixth show. So far it's going on really well. We did a two months' tour in the US prior this tour and it was awesome. We had a really good time.

Your new album is out since a few time now, how did your fans react?
People reacted really well to it. It's been doing really well. We are really happy with it and having really good responses. We have no complains

"The Curse" is a bit different compared to "Suicide Notes And Butterfly Kisses" which is more melodic and less hardcore, is this new way was determined or natural?
It was a kind of natural. We didn't really try to change anything. The songs came out naturally. We didn't set any directions where to go, we just wrote songs and this is how it turned out. It was very natural yearh! If we had decided to write songs in a way, it wouldn't have sound like us!

I think you have to know "Suicide Notes And Butterfly Kisses" to understand The Curse, whereas it is more accessible, how could you explain it?
yeah, musically we didn't do any song torsion and there is me singing a lot. I don't know, I think we just had more time to do it compared to the first record. We were five kids when we done the first album and we record it really fast.

What was your state of mind when you recorded the Curse?
It was awesome! We were in a very cool environment. GGGarth had a sort of cave in the mountains in Canada; it was really peaceful and nice. When you are recording, the more relax you are the better it is!

You composed everything before the recording session or get inspired by this relaxing environment?
No we composed everything before the studio.

You recorded it with GGGarth (Kittie, RATM...) how was it?
It was awesome. He made the whole experience very relaxing. We did not have to worry about anything and we performed better. He did a really good job.

Did he bring anything new to your sound or the way you see music?
He didn't do anything to the songs; he didn't want to change anything. He just mostly helped us to give the best performance that we could, he pushed us in a really good job direction.

Isn't it disappointing when you are recording an album that the producer does not tell you if what you are doing is right or wrong?
He let us a lot of freedom but he listened carefully to all the songs and he didn't hear anything that he wanted to change. For him it sounds the way it should be and he didn't ask us to rewrite anything. This was good because we all thought that the songs should sound like this. We had an awesome feeling together and this is an honour to have a producer like him. I don't know if we will work together again. As a band we are interested to work with different people but we are not on the way to decide it yet!

What are the main topics of your lyrics? What did inspire Alex?
Hum, Alex writes all the lyrics. Everything that he writes are either from personals situations and experiences that surround him. A lot of songs are very personals because he speaks about things he got through.

Can you explain the cover with the Vampire girl, is there a link with the name of the record "The Curse?
Actually we called it "The Curse" because there is a kind of inside joke in the band. Since we started and in every tour we have been on, there is always something wrong that arrive: vans breaking down, getting robbed … We are cursed! And every band which has been in tour with us, something happened to them like a van breaking down even if they never had any problem before! And we just say "sorry we are cursed". And we wanted a creepy looking vampire for the cover.

Did you get any problem on this tour?
No actually nothing wrong! Oh, Scottish guys wanted to beat us up but nothing to bad!

How did you get signed with Victory Records?
We got an EP and someone from Victory thanks to the words of mouth listened to it. They took contact with us!

What are the concept of your albums, are they link to each others?
A lot of persons think that "The Curse" has a vampire concept because of the girl on the cover, but no there is no concept or link on and between each record.

What will you do after the tour? What are your plans for the future?
We will go home for one month and then we will do the Warped Tour on summer. And then we will have a short break off and another headlining tour in the States. After that we will look for time off to write the next record and get it out. Hopefully it will be out in 2006!

Do you have any new materials for the next record?
We have some riffs and parts but we didn't put anything together yet. I hope we will experiment new things with my voice and Alex voice like differents screams and stuff like that.

You've got a very typical style on stage, with the make up for example! Is there a true concept around this?
We all worn make up during two tours and now it' a kind of personal style and preferences. Only Daniel and I have make up because this is how we want to look like on stage!

Some of you made a lot of sacrifices to play in Atreyu, do the things change now?
Yeah a lot of things changed, even if I am far from my family, I don't see my girlfriend as much as I would like to… You definitely sacrifice a lot but it is for doing the thing I love the most!

With whom would you like to tour, still existing band or not?
I have been a big HIM fan for a long time, we get the offer to tour with them but we couldn't at the time. I would really love to tour with them! We are friends with Funeral For A Friend and I would love to tour with them over here 'cause they are just huge! There is so many good band that it would be so fun to tour with, it's really hard to pick!

Do you ever have received bad reactions for being so heavy in a more melodic field of bands?
We are a band that people love to find something wrong with us! Some people just hate our bands just because it's us. We have got crap because we're heavy, because I sing and like we are ruining hardcore. The people who want to talk shit and take time to post on our message board and say that we suck, we don't pay any attention to them. It's sometimes a big deal when you are in a band to don't listen to it and don't believe it.

Do you feel a difference between your American fans and the European fans?
Yeah definitely. Our American fans are awesome but they are really used to see us because we toured a lot in the US. They are excited when we are playing a show for sure. But the shows here are crazy, we don't come here to much and we appreciate it more. The kids are sooooo excited and they freak out. Both of our fans are awesome but I think our concerts here are more appreciated.

What do you think about the new wave of metalcore with band like Bleeding Through, Unearth? Do you feel close to this scene?
I just think it's awesome, not speaking only about metalcore, but how heavy music in general is getting so big nowadays and it so much accepted! It's really great for bands like us, like Bleeding Through, like Killswitch Engage to have persons who listen to those bands, supporting us and come to the shows.

When you created Atreyu, did you really want to create a band that mixes melody with the agressivity of hardcore music or was it just a mix of what you like in all the bands you listened to?
It was pretty much a mix of what we like. We all grew up in punk rock and we are all listening to metal bands. We didn't want to be just one thing; we decided so to put everything together

Do you know some European bands? Which one do you prefer?
Oh man I don't know so many European bands. I know Funeral For A Friend, hum Caliban from Germany, HIM, hum… I love HIM; this is my favourite band in the world!

Last summer you played at the Ozzfest, how does it feel to play in such a big fest?
It was crazy. We haven't done such big festival; we played a couple before in Europe but not as big. We were amazed about how huge they were and it was about doing that everyday! It was cool to play in front of a lot of people everyday with Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Hatebreed and so many good bands. It was really fun and so different from usual touring because we played early in the day in the middle of nowhere all day long! It was really fun.

Questionnaire of Pivot :

What is your favourite word? Fuck
What is word you hate? Val
What turns you on creatively? My girlfriend
What turns you on spiritually? Myself
What turns you on emotionally? My girlfriend
What turns you off? Sluts
What is your favourite bad word? Fuck
What sound do you love? Music, in general
What sound do you hate? Nails on a black board
What is your favourite place on earth? Home
And the one you hate? Wow, it's a hard one! Oh, Idaho, the worst place in US
Which persons influenced you the most during your life?
My big brother, he always looks after me.
Who were your heroes when you were a kid? Superman, I can't remember! I have a bad memory, I can't remember the half of my childhood.
What profession would you like to do when you were a kid? Baseball player, I play baseball since I am 12 or 13 years old.
What profession would you not like to do? I don't ever want to work in food. My first job was in a Taco Bell and it was just horrible! I worked in a skateboard shop and it was fun because I do not have to wear any special clothes.
If Heaven exists, what would you like God to say when you will arrive at the Pearly Gates? Please come in, we have been waiting!

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