Anti-Flag Interview
This interview was made in Le Mans the 26th of June 2005.
Laureline and Manu have met Chris #2 (Bass player).


What can you tell me about this new tour ?
We've been in Europe for two weeks now and there's about two week left and we started in Germany with some very big fest there. We went from there to this french fest, then we're going to the UK, then Spain, we are touring all around Europe and then we'll record a new album and everything is doing great

You have just play here, so how does it feel to play with HxC and metal band ?
You know there's also many punk band also here and we were really happy that everyone was respectful with us during our set, we had a good time, it's cool. I mean it definitevely proovs that we could live with each other, doesn't matter what kind of music we listen to. We're are both here to have a good time

You played a song in dedication to Slayer today, are you fan of their music?
No I wish !! haha ! They are a great band

So you wanna see them tonight ?
We actually don't see them tonight because we have to go to the UK, to get on time for the ferry and we have then a very long drive to be at the show. But we played with them in Germany

You're one of the most listenned punk rock band, and since the beginning of Anti Flag, what is your view of punk rock and about your band?
You know I think that punk rock in general came from the same history, people who making music with a message of progressive ideas, to me that what punk rock is with band like The Clash, The Dead Kennedies, those songs are not about me, me and me, those songs are about everybody and to me that's punk rock. You know, there's a lot of band who could that everything, and the kids who listen to Good Charlotte can go after to Anti Flag cos they heard that we're a punk rock band, and so it's a good thing you know. It doesn't matter how you get here, but that you are here now. And with Anti Flag we try to grow up, to claim our ideals, and I think that our new record will be very desicive for us, I think it's gonna be the best of ourselves, we hope it's gonna be good !

And so this new record will be on Fat Records again ?
No, we signed to a new record company called RCA records, we signed with them a couple month ago, we always had a really good place on Fat but we wanted to grow up and RCA gave us the good opportunity for that

When you began Anti Flag did you realise that after 10 years you'll play all around the world?
No Way !! I mean each day is incredibal, being here in France is amazing I can't believe that music got me here you know, yes it's incredibal, I don't know how to explain it

So after the years, what sens could you give in the fact of playing punk rock in 2005 through a political sens and a musical sens?
Ha I think that the political is not enough deal in punk rock. To me is what from punk rock is from over the years, pushing for a better tomorrow, if everyone is satisfied with what you are, then there will be no evolution and so it's what Anti Flag is trying to do. Through a musical sens it's wonderful cos you can be a fantastic guitar player and play punk rock, be a shitty guitar player and play punk rock too so I think there's room for everybody in punk rock ! For me punk rock is more than a life style you know, it's my life !

I'd like you to talk about the song of you I love the most, "Seattle Was A Riot", why did you write it and why did you choose it for the Fat Compilation #5 ?
Ho yeah !! it was the first song we've got finish when we recorded "Underground Network" and Fat Mike asked for this song on the record. I think it's a great song you know, but the all "Underground Network" album is more about the riots of 2001 of Seattle, no it was in 1999! There were a lot of organization, with the WTO and there were a lot of alternative way to inform people to tell how it was going on with cellsphone, e-mail whatever this protest was organized. It really revolutionnise the way to protest and that what the song "Seattle Was A Riot" is about just the fact to fight the government we have and we've have to be united against it.

What is your opinion about stuff like the NRA ?
Well you know, I'm not for it, I'm not a man who thinks that everyone should bear guns, there's too much bad things with the NRA, specially the racist past but now we can't say that every members of the NRA are fascists they're just uneductated about the NRA past, but I can think that it based on a fascist stuff, it just obvious. I am not a fan of any sort of weapons

And so if you could change on thing in America, what could it be ?
I'll make every politicial equal for the election, with the same money as the other. I think that a root of the American government build on money and through the big American companies and so all the real politicial and people get fucked ! And I think if we change that, one day the world will be a wonderful place !

Now let's talk a little about music, with whom would you like to play, dead or alive band ?
With The Clash and The Dead Kennedies !!

Do you know the European scene?
Yeah, a little bit ! We have a band signed on AF record from Austria, we like ZSK from Germany, a band from the UK called the Dynamites, is there's some that I should know ?? what is the best French band ??

Hum I don't like French band pretty much

But there were the Burning Heads before but now they felt into dub ... and also Seven Hate, but they split. In my hometown there's a band call No Cure
Are they great ?

Yes they are
You should tell them to send me a CD (laugh) !!!!
And do you have something to say to the young generation ?
All I'd like to say is that it's easy to think that you're small and insignificient and that you couldn't change anything but you've to realize that there's a lot of people who have got the same feeling as you have, and when you're united to your friend and you're going to show, using the Internet, you could start to feel better and better, and that is the punk rock community

Pivot's Questionnary :

What is your favorite word ? shit
What is your least favorite word ? shit
What is your favorite curse word ? fuck !
What turns you on creatively ? hum shit
Spiritually ? not Jesus ! laugh
Emotionnaly ? anger
What turns you off? Shit ! laugh
What is you favorite place on earth ? oh it's a tough one, hum probably my bed
What is the one you hate? Probably an airplane seat laugh
What sound do you love? My dog barking laugh
And the one you hate? My dog barking !
Who were your heroes when you were a kid ? my brother
Who influenced you the most during your life ? hum my mother
What profession other that your own would you like to attempt ? a art teacher !
And the one you wouldn't like to do ? clean up shit ! laugh
If heaven exist, what would you like hear from God when you arrive at the pearly gate? COME ON IN !! laugh

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