Alexisonfire Interview
This interview was made in Paris the 10th of May 2005. Caroline has met
Wade (guitar), George (voice), Jesse (drums) et Chris (bass).

This is the beginning of this european tour. Is this the first time you come here and
What do you expect from this show and this tour?
Wade : I'm the only one of the band who has been to France before, but, I don't know, I'm really not sure what to expect 'cause when I was here it was with my family, everyone was kinda looking at me like I was from another planet and sometimes it's interesting to see what the music scene is like in here, what the punk rock scene is like, because last time I was here people were looking at me like I was out of my mind for having tattoos and you know, the way I dress or something like that, so, I really have no idea what it's gonna be like.
George : I would say that our expectations are at zero, anything other than nothing is gonna be great I think, its' gonna feel really good.

You played at the groezrock festival 2 weeks ago and were reported to really rock the place, what was your perception of this show?
George :
Well, the kids kept trying to pull my underwear off and I kept kicking them as hard as I could and when they came on stage… it was fun, I mean, it was neat!! Especially for a city we've never been to before, it was very chocking to see that the kids knew the songs, that they were really excited to see us. It was fun though, it was cool, we got to see a lot of cool bands and hang out with cool people

Already you have toured with many great bands. Which bands did you enjoy playing with the most and which bands do you hope to play with in the future?
Wade :
I think doing a tour with Hot Water music is probably the best tour we've ever done.
Georges : this is a good band. We played with Death from Above on one of our first tour, it was a really great tour, Rise Against is obviously a band we've toured with, we played more shows with Rise against than any other band.
Chris : I'd like to play with Green Day sometime, that'd be very good. We toured with Aerosmith for a while (laughs).
Georges : Aerosmith are nice guys! We just, you know, it's hard to get tours with them!
Wade : It's a bad fit!! Really musically it's a bad combination! And Steven Tyler, "C'est une grande bouche"!! (laughs) "Mon français est comme ci comme ça"

You 're Canadian but yet you played with many American bands, are they many bridges between the Canadian scene and the American one?
Georges :
it's virtually, I think, the same sort of thing, as far as bands from there and bands from where we're from, we're all like, pretty much the same I think. We're just from a different place! We don't have to pay for health care, they do, that's pretty much it, the rest is all… We're practically Americans, they're practically Canadians, very similar cultures, we just have less gun violence (laughs).

What's your favorite song on the new album live/ recorded and what was your favorite song recorded/ live on the old one?
Jesse :
on the old album I would say "little girls pointing and laughing", on the new one… tough call, they're just all so fabulous!! (laughs) let's say… "that girl possessed"

Your music mix the groove of rock'n roll and the agressivity of hardcore and screamo. Can you name some of your different influences? Favourite bands?
Wade :
I'm highly influenced by "brie" and "baguette" (laughs) and "tour de france"
Chris : also our music that we play is referring to skull smashing kissing music!!!
George : Good luck translating that!!!
Wade : "les pamplemousses c'est un excellent cadeau pour les enfants"
Georges : " ou est la bibliotheque ? " (lot of laughs)
Chris : Also, international Noise conspiracy is an awesome band !!
Geoge : we didn't answer your question at all there!!!!! We listen to a very wide variety of music, we have very eclectic music taste, everything from the misfits to tom waits to green day to 7seconds, tooth and the metal… everything!! We listen to lots and lots of different music and I think that what influences us when we play our music.

Did you create the band with the idea of mixing those different music styles or was it natural when you started working together?
Wade :
I think it just kinda happened, we didn't have a real idea, we didn't wanna sound like something, when we got together to write songs, that's what happened.

You toured really hard those last two years in North America. Have you already noticed a difference between your American fans and the European ones?
George :
Oh yeah, definitely! There's a huge difference!
Wade : the difference is that we like touring over here, we don't like touring America!! (laughs)

You mean you like most playing here than in your country?
Oh yeah, definitely. There's a lot more culture is the different cities. When you go to America sometimes the shows will kinda hit or miss depending on where you are, there's probably like, 6 or 7 cities in America that I feel have a lot of culture, you know, and here it's like every city that I feel has like a very specific culture while in America it's always Wal-Mart, Taco Bell, Mc Donald, everything the same, here it's just very different no matter where you are.
Chris : and also as far as the music scene goes overseas, so far it seems that when we come over here, the shows are like the kids and everything are so into it and the shows are huge for us right away even for a first time being here where in America we kinda have to hit the same city like over and over and over to finally get an impact or a reaction or anything.

You seem to have a very humoristic world, to often not take things at face value. What makes you laugh and what doesn't?
George :
Dave Chappelle makes me laugh a lot, I think it's very funny and cancer does not make me laugh.
Wade : You laughed though! You sick sick sick person!! (lots of laughs)
Chris : my friend Wade here, he makes me laugh a lot, I could barely play the last song the other night and also I make myself laugh a lot, I told some guys a joke this morning and I couldn't stop laughing.
George : Sometimes I find about to go to bed and I think about something that he said earlier and I'm like "ah ah ah! Oh he's so funny I love him". We're pretty big jokers, we don't say things too seriously, you can't take yourself too seriously!
Wade : We're touring and playing shows, like the shows are kind of series of disaster, things went wrong constantly so if you start getting serious about everything, you're gonna loose your mind!
Chris : also, our sense of humour, stuff that makes us laugh often only makes us laugh.
George : there's a lot of jokes that just kill ourselves and everybody else is like "oh yeah I guess it's kind of funny" and we just can't stop laughing
Wade : we were with a band in Birmingham the other day, in the UK, an George and I pretended to get into an argument on stage ending in George storming the stage and me finishing the last song, we thought it was absolutely hilarious but there was absolutely no reaction from the crowd
George : they were like "what happened!" (laughs)

So what about catholic school girls ?
George :
it's the kilts! It's the fact of being in the punk rock scene for so long, pleat skirts drive us wild! When we started the band, we saw on a show a band that had a little description of what it was and we thought that "two catholics school girl in a knife fight" would be good for us and that became our album cover and, catholic school girls are sexy sometimes! Even though there young!

Do you think there are stuff we can't laugh about?
George :
I don't know, there are a lot of stuff that are inappropriate but that we laugh about! And those stuff that are inappropriate to laugh about are so funny because they are so inappropriate!! Like, we've got a series of jokes that are just so inappropriate that I will save you from this interview 'cause they shouldn't be printed in text! I guess there are stuff that probably shouldn't be funny but it's hard not to be laughing!
Wade : once on tour in the US this girl named Amanda Rogers playing skate opened the tour and she told this joke that we were kinda going off about some stuff in the movie Philadelphia, which is just the worse subject, and she retold the joke to a bunch of people on a show in Toronto and that's really inappropriate! That's the thing that's inappropriate: retelling our jokes that no one should ear!! (laughs)
Georges : I think, the thing is that the weirdness is really funny so that's why we go off about supid terrible diseases and say horrible stuff!
Wade: female American folks who are weird hippies should not be retelling our jokes! (laughs)

What are for you the most promising bands on the hardcore/punk scene?
George :
there's this band from Toronto called Fucked up that I think is one of the best hardcore punk band ever in a long time, Wade here is a big fan of Turbonegro,
Wade : I think Turbonegro is the best punk rock band in the world
George : there's this band from Boston : Cut the shit, that I think are fantastic, and also Keep It Up, they're friends of ours,
Wade : is think Bane is the best hardcore band. Bane is still and has been the best hardcore band in the last ten years.
Chris : Playing Nine, that was my other hardcore local band 5 years ago! (Laughs)

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