25 Ta Life Interview
This interview was made in Nantes the 28d of June as the band participated
at the FuryFest Festival. Manu and I have met the drummer Jskamz .

About this new tour, you were in Germany, Spain, how was it ?

We also were in Portugal, France. It's been great so far. All shows have been great but today and Paris stand out the most for me. They were very good, like street fest, everybody was hanging out.

Today you are in the Fury Fest with lot's of other bands, how's the relationship with the other bands ?

Oh I love the other bands. They're great. It's good ot see the diversity in here. You get punk-rock, hardcore, death-metal, all of it in one place. I really like that.

What do you think about the new hardcore bands that rise nowadays like Hatebreed… ?

I like that because you know, I came up with that kind of music too. It's good to see those guys finally get the credit that they diserve. People start a band and do whatever they wanna do, that's great. I'm happy enough myself that I got this opportunity to play and go around the world, meet good people.

But do you think they have kept the hardcore roots or they've more a new way of seeing hardcore ?

I think that kids today have definatly losen touch with the roots. They need to go back and paying your dues, you know what I mean. They just coming out of nowhere. And they're forcing their opinion, you know the mentality where if they don't like it you know, it's no good. Just because you don't like it, it doesn't mean that somebdy else does. A lot of kids, they don't understand that you know. If you don't like this kind of music, just don't listen to it. If you don't like this kind of a band playing on this kind of a show then don't go to it. That's how I always thought it should be.

About your last album "Best of Friends/Enemies", what is for you the biggest change ?

It's a change, you know what I mean ? Some songs are more older style. And there's some new flavor some 2003. I wrote all the new material on the drums, and I like the response that it's getting. That makes me happy enough right there to see kids going crazy when we play the new stuff.

So you're staisfied with the result of this album, but if you could change something, what would it be ?

Maybe, we could have done the production a little better, maybe took a little bit more time, but hey it's hardcore you know !

Nowadays, what does significate for you "25 ta life" ?

Basically, I used to be a fan before I started playing drums. I used to go see the band, I used to book the band. When they played, I'd go grab the microphone, sing along. And one thing led to another, Rick asked me if I wanted to play some shows with them and now here I am playing with them. That's what I hold most significant for me, I look at it from like being a fan perspective. That's why I wrote a lot of the new songs the way I did because they can appeal to all different audiances.

What do you think about the Bush politics inside and outside US ?

Oh I don't even have time for politics, you know what I mean. I have to much
stuff going on in my life to worry about politics. It's hard enough to live, but besides that I think they're all aliens.

Do you know the european scene ? What do you think of it ? Maybe named some bands that you like ?

The european scene today is very very strong. Some of the bands that I definatly love and respect over here are Kickback, very good band, Rickers, Do or Die, Misconduct, we were on tour with those guys from Sweden. Too many bands to mansion, but just so many kool people, so many good scenes. You can tell that a lot of kids over here feel it, definatly real about hardcore. I've been all over the world and now after this tour, I know that a lot of people just love hardcore. And that's what I like the most, to see that people love it as much as I do, cause I love it you know. It's good to go and eh, that's my people, it's confortable to be with my people. It's a good feeling.

Do you have something to say to the young generation ?

Yeah, buy Not Without Resistance records. Not Without Resistance, BFL Crew, Out to Land, Not Retreat Crush, buy those bands records, support those bands.

Interview Manu & O.S.
Translation Tataye

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