100 Demons Interview
This interview was made in Le Mans the 25th of June 2005.
Laureline & Manu have met Brendan & Jeremy.


Would you please introduce 100 Demons for our readers as they maybe never heard about you yet?
Jeremy : On vocals we have Peter Morrison, on drums Rich Rosa, lead guitar Mike Livingstone, Brendan on bass and I'm Jeremy I play most riffs.

And you have 2 lps?
Jeremy : Yeah one in 2000 on Good Life and one in May 2004 on Deathwish.

100 Demons is a name which comes from Japanese mythology?
Jeremy : Yeah, the book by Horioyoshi III. Its kinda what we based it on. We're definitely into Japanese style tattoos, we like a lot of Japanese artwork, traditional American and Japanese we're really big fans of that style. Our artwork on the album is samurai and Japan influenced

For you're first album " In The Eye Of The lord", you were signed on the belgium label Goodlife Recordings. How did you come to sign on this label?
Jeremy : Basically we figured it was the only one who showed interest in us and would give us a decent deal and money to record. Also give us promotion in the States and also help us out in Europe. And we'd play in the states as well.

Why did you change for the second album?
Jeremy : We decided to release another album in 2004, we had lineup changes we lost a singer it took a while to get back a steady lineup. Since we signed with Death Wish its been steady, except Brendan our new bass player.

Your second album seems to be more metal than the first one. Do you feel it like that?
Jeremy : Yeah definitely. I think we're playing better, playing our instruments, getting better music as a band but still keeping it hardcore. Just being a better band.

You're actually on tour for the festivals...how is it going on ?
Jeremy : Great we were the second band in the fest we played to almost 1000 people. It was good.

Are there other festivals you're playing?
Jeremy : We played the Door festival in 2000. Then we had lineup changes and we came back 2004 did some club dates, and this year were doin Pressurefest, Furyfest, Fuckingroll fest and a few others here. Also a few shows with Bleeding Through. Its really cool.

You come from Connecticut. You wanna talk about the local scene?
Jeremy : Its getting better and better. One of the last shows we did was with Death Threat and Madball. 500 people showed up and they had to turn away at least 400 at the door. It was an amazing show, one of the biggest…the scene is at its strongest now. With bands like Hatebreed, Blowing up, Death Threat, Rest in peace.
Brendan : Invocation of Meehac, 1000 falling skies
Jeremy : We've had a lot of great bands you know, its always been here.

The cover art is very nice, would you talk a bit about it, about its meaning?
Jeremy : It was designed by tattoo artist Lou Jacques. He formerly worked for Darkside tattoos now he's with Transcend. He did some t-shirt designs and he did the album artwork and we fell in love with it, we want him to do everything from now on! Its got a whole theme to it. The cover is a samurai guy swinging a sword and if you flip the back there's a headless man and guys praying and there's blood splatter on the CD.
Brendan : Lou Jacques does a lot of our tattoos also.

It reminds me a bit the "Masterkiller" cover from Merauder, what do you think about that?
Jeremy : I'd say that yeah
Brendan : They ripped us off (Laugh)
Jeremy : I wouldn't say that no...its just that we fell in love with the cover, it had nothing to do with master killer, it was a coincidence.

Your hardcore band is close to bands like Terror and Madball?
Jeremy : Yeah but we're a little more metal we have solos, we grew up listening to metal and hardcore.

Your music is a kind of metal with hardcore. Do you feel close to bands such as Killswitch Engage for exemple?
Jeremy : Yeah also Shadow's Fall, Terror, we played shows with Madball, Agnostic Front, and all New York hardcore, also people form Chicago, LA, Donny Brook. We get along with everybody.
Brendan : Since The Flood
Jeremy : We played with so many bands shared stages with a lot, we've been involved in the scene for a good decade.

Can you talk a bit about the album's lyrics?
Jeremy : Well, is Pete here? I couldn't comment I didn't write them, its Pete's personal stuff. About his life and experiences
Brendan : A lot very literal and self explanatory.
Jeremy : The old album was same way, Bruce's personal experiences. It was real depressing, this album is not as depressing, its more positive and negative at the same time (laugh).

Which bands have influenced you a lot?
Jeremy : Sick of it all blew my mind the first time I saw them. Good aggressive hardcore and metal, Slayer, Metallica, my first metal band was Kiss when I was 5 and basically since then its been music, underground metal, hardcore, punk, New York hardcore basically got me into it. And straightedge Youth of Today, Gorilla Biscuits have made a big impact on my life.

You haven't played many shows in France, this was your 2nd show?
Jeremy : This was our third show in France. We played Toulouse a few days ago and Paris, the Locomotive last October, which was a very bad turnout, maybe 50 kids came. This is our best show.

What are your plans for the next few months?
Jeremy : A few more weeks in Europe, then we go home to work on our new album, we hit the road on September 1st and we'll be busy in the winter and then hit studio in January to put out a new album. We're not sure what label yet. We're shopping around for a label. With Deathwish we did a handshake deal for 1album, with an option for another. So we'll look and see if there's other options and if someone can offer us a better deal and treat us better. We wanna get bigger shows take it to another level, get bigger booking agencies become a fulltime band.

Pivot's Questionnary :

What your favorite word?
Jeremy : "Scheiße", a German word for shit, we use a lot in Europe
Brendan : Mine is "fuck"

Everyone answers the same…"fuck" is a very popular word. (Laugh)
Your least favorite word?

Brendan : "Pudding" is my least favorite word.
Jeremy : I'll go with "tapioca", its terrible.
Brendan : Also "creamy" is a gross word, it sucks.
Jeremy : I also think "hamper" is stupid, gay-ass word.

What turns you on creatively?
Brendan : Shit porn, Scheiße porn have you seen it?
Jeremy : Em…I'd say marijuana

And spiritually?
Jeremy : Jesus Christ
Brendan : Shiva

And emotionally ?
Brendan : Titanic made me cry
Jeremy : I was fond of old yeller. You know old yeller? He's a dog.
Brendan : I cry with Charlotte's Web, I have to watch it everyday with my baby, I cry all the time.
What turns you off?
Brendan : Yeast infection
Jeremy : I'd say skin infections.

Your favorite curse word?
Brendan : Fuck
Jeremy : Scheiße

Your favorite noise?
Jeremy : I like haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….!
Brendan : Have you seen Friday the 13th? "Ts ts ts ah aha ha"..its a kickass sound you know something bad is gonna happen!

What sound do you hate?
Brendan : Queefs…it's a pussy fart
Jeremy : I don't like high pitched squealing sounds

Your favorite place on earth?
Jeremy : Haven't been there yet. I'd say home
Brendan : Texas
Jeremy : Fuck Texas.
Brendan : Houston Texas.
Jeremy : Its too fucking hot there, why would you pick that?
Brendan : I've had the best times in my life in Houston Texas.
Jeremy : I've nothing against Texas but fuck.

And your least favourite place?
Brendan : Mexico, Monterrey, Mexico. No not Monterrey...the desert in-between.

Its too hot?
Brendan : No it sucks, its boring, desolate, impoverished, depressing.
Jeremy : I don't hate anything right now, I even like the shittiest ghetto in the world, its all good to me.

Which person has influenced you most in your life?
Jeremy : My dad, great dude.
Brendan : My mum

Who where your heroes as a kid?
Jeremy : He-man, Skeletor, GI Joe.
Brendan : Chuck Norris
Jeremy : You liked chuck Norris?
Brendan : Not really.
Jeremy : Missing in action, Braddock, that's my last name.
Brendan : I know it your last name, Chuck Norris and Michael Jackson.
Jeremy : You were into Michael Jackson?
I only liked 'Beat It', it was the only song I liked.
Brendan : And Jim Morrison

What other profession would you do?
Jeremy : To continue to rock as long as possible. If this bands breaks up I'll join another one.
Brendan : I wanna be a hobo… (Laugh)
Jeremy : You wanna travel on trains?
Brendan : I want a stick and a fucking knapsack, I wanna be a hobo!
Jeremy : You wouldn't like it after a few weeks.
Brendan : You been a hobo?
Jeremy : Yeah I've lived on the streets it fucking sucked.

What other profession would you not do?
Jeremy : Not going back to working in the sun digging ditches, building shit and construction.
Brendan : Same for me

If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?
Brendan : "You kick ass"
Jeremy : "Where've you been all my life, I've been waiting for you" (laugh)

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